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The Rams and Free Agency

Ok, so since it has been a while since I last posted and my last post was about the Rams, lets just keep it that way shall we?

With the Rams signing free agent Tight End Jared Cook for 5 years, the Rams have finally locked down the TE position for years to come. It’s not to say that Lance Kendricks cant get it done, it just helps to have two dominate TE who can spread the field vertically (see New England Patriots TE).  

If the Rams can sign free agent LT Jake Long they will hopefully, fingers crossed, have found the answer to their offensive line that they have been looking for.  He was the number one overall pick in the draft for a reason, the guy can block. He is an absolute monster on the line and will give Sam Bradford the protection he needs to get the ball out quickly. 

All and all after two days of free agency the Rams have made moves that will help them immediately and gives them options to fill other position holes in the draft. Maybe, just maybe, they draft a WR with the 16th or 22th pick in the first round. If he is there at 16 I think the Rams should draft Corderalle Patterson from Tennessee.  He has the size, speed, and hands that can make him the number one WR that the Rams have been missing since Torry Holt and Issac Bruce.

The NFL offseason has just gotten started and I personally cant wait for the draft to see the big moves teams make, especially the Rams.  


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