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The LeBron Theory

When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavs in 2010 and took his talents to South Beach I first thought, “wow, what an asshole.”

In some ways I still kind of think that but after hearing rumors that James could go back to the Cavs by opting out of his current contract with the Miami Heat after the 2014 season, I developed a theory that I have decided to document in some form.  So that when it happens I can say “I told you so.”

So, I think that the year before LBJ left Cleveland he had a sit down meeting with the owner of the Cavs and they talked about his future. They talked about how if the Cavs resigned LBJ they wouldn’t have enough money to put a team around him. It would just be more of the “one man show” in Cleveland and past years have shown that LBJ by himself can not win the whole thing.

However, if LBJ left during free agency he would not cost the Cavs anything.  LBJ told the owner that he could bitch and moan about him leaving and make a big show of it all and he wouldn’t care. The Cavs would go on to be terrible and get high draft picks (Kyrie Irving, Tristin Thompson) while LBJ was somewhere else winning championships with a big new contract. But in this contract there is a clause that says LBJ can opt out of his deal after a certain amount of years. After the Cavs have been able to build close to a winning team (by 2014) LBJ would opt out of his contract and come back to the Cavs and go on to win a championship for the city of Cleveland and the Cavs.

This is all a completely made up theory that I have come up with and if it ends up being true, well I should get a job or something out of it cause man, I told you so.


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